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days. temperatures staying in check. 50s and 60s and even morgan hill and antioch temperatures just staying in the 70s for now. we'll have your weekend forecast in five minutes. here is tara. thanks. right now this is a look at san rafael 101. we are not exactly sure what is going on at the moment if this is construction or an accident. it's not popping up on the chp website. do be aware there are some delays you can see the traffic the headlights there backing up in the top portion of your screen. so we will monitor this and let you know what is exactly going on. this is 101 again through san rafael. up next is a look at the east shore freeway the westbound traffic the headlights no delays. and finally at the golden gate bridge smooth sailing into san francisco. 5:00 let's head back to the desk. topping our news this morning oakland's campaign against crime shifts to the fruitvale district today. kraig debro tells us the city
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is installing dozens of crime cameras to keep an eye on the trouble spots. >> reporter: pam, the momentum for this started last april when a fruitvale resident and the owner of this popular restaurant was murdered inside his own business. later today the mayor and others will announce a plan they hope will prevent others from becoming victims. city leaders have approved video cameras. the difference is some of the new cameras will be placed inside businesses as well as outside. the new momentum and political will to buy the cameras is the direct result of jesus campos. he was shot and killed on april 1st inside -- on april 8th inside his restaurant. behind the scenes other business community leaders and political poll fishes were meeting.
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one of the plans set to be announced is spending $35,000 in redevelopment cameras. supporterring are hoping they will think twice before committing a crime. police are supposed to have automatic access to the video information on the cameras collect but some civil liberties groups say they are concerned about that. they wonder if other members of the public will have similar access. we will try to get reaction from the aclu on that. reporting live kraig debro. time now 5:02 an oakland family needs a new home after fire hours ago ripped through the home they just moved into. ktvu claudine wong is there now to tell us what this family is facing. claudine. >> reporter: dave, i want to show you what is left of some of the insides of this home on the 1800 block of foothill boulevard. if you look you can see what firefighters ripped out of the inside as they were fighting this fire and doing the cleanup
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afterwards. take a look at this victorian. they are multi unit. there are two doors leading in. there is a unit in the back as well. still unclear how the fire started. but it does appear a family was move into the second floor of this building and overnight the flames broke out. this happened after 10:00 last night. crews were actually here within a couple of minutes and initially there was a lot of concern because the fire looked like it was heading to the building next door. building out here are close together so firefighters called in reenforcement. >> started in on the second floor. we struck a second alarm immediately because it looked like it was heading to the secondary bidding. >> reporter: so you had three families effected by this. there was a family moving on the second floor where the fire started. not sure the extent of the damage. what you can see there is a lot of smoke damage we know they
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had to cut to the roof in a few different places. firefighters also say there is a fire displaced on the first floor of this building that is because water damage sinks down into the below area. and then we also noted the family that lived in the back had a shelter in place for awhile. there are power lines in the back and those lines had come down. for awhile they couldn't even get out. as of now though we do not know how this fire started we do know the investigation is continuing. time now 5:04. dozens of people are homeless because of a san francisco apartment fire. this happened on euclid avenue in the laurel heights neighborhood yesterday afternoon. dozens of firefighters were out there battling the flames for hours. luckily no one was hurt but the fire caused a lot of damage. reportedly a plumber accidentally started the fire while using a torch to fix a leak until the bathroom. this week's high-speed
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chase in the east bay is tied to a major drug bust. yesterday officers showed off some of the drugs and cash seized in a raid that resulted in the arrest of seven people. police say they recovered $200,000 in cash along with cocaine and speed with an estimated street value of $1 million. on wednesday richmond police say they chased one man believed to be a major plainer that drug deal. investigators say the chase ended when 29-year-old miguel herrera plowed into four cars in pleasant hill. a driver was taken to the hospital after this crash in san francisco last night. take a look at that. a witness tells us the car came speeding down 20th boulevard just before 9:00 and hit several parked cars then crashed into the garage of a home. the drivers condition has not been released. time now 5:05. a march will be held in san
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francisco this evening supporting prison inmates on is a hunger strike. a vigil was held outside the alameda county courthouse yesterday. this one supporting the prisoners at pelican bay who started the hunger strike two weeks ago. the more than 700 inmates are refusing to eat. they are calling for an end to isolation units. at 8:00 this morning president obama will hold his second news conference of this week about raising the national debt ceiling. coming up for you at 5:15 we will have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom on what the president told congressional leaders to do at the end of five days of talks yesterday. back here at home, 56 city employees in oakland are about to lose their jobs over the next couple of weeks. it's all a part of the city's new budget cuts. many of those getting layoff notices are employees responsible for cleaning up public parks and cutting down
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trees. in addition to that, the police department will be budgeted now for 636 officers this year, 588 next year and beginning in july 2012 the fire department will close two fire houses per day on a rotating basis. several community groups are coming together in san jose to protest the city's decision to bring two immigration agents into the police force. the ice agents are part of a homeland security agent. the agents are helping fight gangs but critics say the agents will harass the immigrant community. news conference is scheduled for 11:00 this morning at sacred heart community church. commuters in the south bay who use the valley transportation authority light rail system can stay connected on the go. the vta says free 4g wi-fi is available on all of its light rail trains. they have been testing the service for about a week now.
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the vta plans to expand that wi- fi service to its express buses by early next year. time now 5:07. sal is off. tara is here. you are watching everything including solano county. >> that is right. we have a two-car crash on interstate 80 westbound. the chp has cleared it to the shoulder. we should be okay traffic wise. right here in the bay area let's look at the roadways here. this is a look at san rafael. it's a little blurry but we were seeing construction going on. there is flashing lights toward the bottom of your screen. we'll keep an eye on that for you. also let's take a look at 680 at the sunol grade. you can see traffic is slowing toward fremont. finally 280 in san jose traffic on the right hand side there as you make your way toward highway 17 looking good. let's check in with steve. thank you very much. a happy friday to you all. we do have another fog bank sitting there. it's large and in charge.
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it's been there for awhile. today low every overcast. i really don't see much change on the weekend. maybe slightly warmer inland. i mean we can't get much cooler. maybe monday we will get cooler. then i think we will see a rebound inland temperatures but nothing really hot. i think back in the mid 80s or upper 80s toward the middle or end of next week. there is no sign of this pattern changing through sunday or monday. you can see the low cloudiness banking. 48. 48 santa rosa. another chill to the morning air with 52 san rafael. and napa 56-55. hayward the warmest the 57. that is not very warm. the west, southwest continues to show itself and all of its glory. west 10 at san francisco. west, southwest at oakland. one system ejects out. that would be the system that went into oregon yesterday. here comes another one behind that to reenforce the pattern we are in.
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more likely late tonight into sat. i will put that out there if you are heading out tonight. low overcast once that burns off then you will need the sunglasses. this dog has been hanging on and hanging on. clearing breezy to windy by this afternoon. so again 78 clear lake. 74 fairfield. 72 petaluma. 68 san rafael. 70s for antioch and brentwood. 74 danville. 72 san jose to 68 fremont and 60s very low 70s on the peninsula or upper 50s and 60s in san francisco and along the san mateo coast. slightly warmer on sunday. another cool down on monday. 5:10 is the time. a big area company that has been the topic of takeover rumors now has a big. one of clorox's biggest share owners. we are hearing about what
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osama bin laden was planning to do on the upcoming tenth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic looking good as you make your way into san francisco. we'll have more traffic ahead.
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time now 5:13. we know what osama bin laden was planning to do when he was killed. that is according to
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information that u.s. navy seals seized from bin laden's compound in pakistan. reportedly those plans were still being formed. the communications info includes exchanges between bin laden and operations chief where they talked about the names of possible attack team members. at 8:00 this morning we will hear president obamas take on how the debt limit talks are going. he is scheduled a news conference for the second time this week. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to talk about where the negotiations stand. allison. >> reporter: pam as house speaker john boehner put it there was too many people at the white house to reach a deal. talks are off for today. while democrats and republicans played in the annual congressional baseball game, talks at the white house broke down again last night. congressional leaders and the president only agreed to regroup with their parties and
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meet again this weekend. the president indicated he would keep fighting for a deal that includes tax increases. >> you can't ask for sacrifices from working people who haven't seen a raise in some cases for a decade. and not ask anything from folks like myself who can afford to do a little bit more. >> reporter: and that remains the key sticking point as republicans refuse to budge. >> the fact is we are going to abide by our principals and that is how it is. >> reporter: now speaker boehner is indicating a new willingness to go along with a backup plan that even some democrats are indicating they are okay with. i will have more on that during our next update in an hour. for now i'm alison burns. we asked people here in the bay area what they think about the increasingly hot and
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politicized debate. >> you would hope people you elect to office would get paid a significant amount of money would be able to come to some kind of consensus. it's embarrassing these people are representatives. >> i think we should get rid of all the politicians up there and put real people in congress. >> once again president obama was scheduled to give an update on the national debt ceiling talks at 8:00 this morning. ktvu will have live coverage of the president's remarks during mornings on 2. meantime the government is shut down in minnesota now three weeks old appears to be heading toward e.king. the governor who is a democrat says they have a frame work for a deal. as part of the shut down more than 22,000 minnesota state employees were laid off and state parks were closed. well, this weekend could be the end of the story for borders bookstores in the bay
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area and around the country. the borders stores in san francisco stone town galleria, san jose, vacaville, and sunnyvale are the only ones that remain opened. 15 other bay area stores closed after bankruptcy. that news sent many long-time borders customers. >> it's sad. it's sad. because we like to come here and look for books. it's very convenient. >> i knew all the people that worked here. it was hard for them. >> a bankruptcy judge has given borders until 5:00 to find a new company to buy it. otherwise a bid from a liquidation company will be accepted. the city of pacifica wants the help of you. and all you have to do is click to help bill a new dog park.
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calm down. calm down. pacifica is a finalist in a national contest to build a dog park. this video you are watching. this is produced by pacifica for this online competition. the winner of the pet safe bark for your park event will get $100,000 to build a new dog park. you can vote by going to our channel 2 website and then scroll down to the web links. >> perfect. they have a nice view there. 5:18 is the time right now. tara moriarty is in for sal this morning. how are the roads look? >> we are pretty good things are look great for your friday morning. the roadway is pretty clear out there right now. let's start in san jose. 280 at the 880 interchange it's a bit dark out there. the big part of your screen is
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backed up. we have the mccarthur maze it looks like traffic is slowing really well on the right hand side there. finally 880 near the oakland coliseum traffic getting heavier this morning. moving along very nicely. traffic on the right hand side there northbound as you make area way towarddown town oakland. toward downtown oakland. i would say 4-1 people enjoy the cool than the warm. it will be back. it always balances itself out. now normal high temperatures for july 15th have been showing santa rosa. so i thought i would show areas closer to the coast. mountain view will be 78. oakland 72. downtown should be 64. san francisco should be 68 they will be lucky to break 60. it's even cool.
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and 15 plus as you work your way inland. another fog bank out there. if you don't have the low clouds, it's cool out there for this time of year santa rosa 48 degrees. napa 52. a lot of mid 50s. everybody is stuck. here is the west, southwest continuing to kick up its heels right through the delta. west, southwest at oakland. everything points toward another day very similar to what we had. there goes one system heads out look at that. a slight warm up on the weekend and mopped we will bring it down again and start to warm up. nothing dramatic. we will stay below average on the temps. today 50s and 60s. mid 60s and 70s. we get inland mid to upper 70s.
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slight warm up inland sunday. brief cool down monday. a little rebound on the temps tuesday and wednesday. well, european markets are mixed right now with some investigators focusing on good u.s. economic reports. others looking at new warnings about u.s. debt. overnight japanese investigators were also mixed. japan's nikkei closed up slightly. hong kong, australia, and new zealand finished the week on the downside. checking in on hour numbers. looks like a bit of a roller coaster. we are set to pose the worst week of the year. dow all down. not huge losses but they were down. dow starts at 12, 437. oakland based clorox is the target of a takeover bid. billionaire investigator carl
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icon is looking to buy the company. that purchase price would be an $8 premium per share over yesterday's close. that price has been driven up this week by rumors of a possible takeover. time now 5:21. are they getting close to playing pro football? the deal that was reached yesterday that may help end the nfl lockout. glance and it's the final spell for mug les that live in a wizards world. we'll have more bay area traffic coming up in a bit.
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good morning, we have a very similar pal tern to what is going on the entire -- pattern to what is going on the entire week. low clouds 50s and 60s by the coast. look at this pap life and death-- look at this a life and death situation. he's grabbing for a rope slips but believe it or not he was rescued bay boat. you can see the residence packed along the banks. a lot of them have been evacuated because of the floods. they watched as the water rushed by. this flash flood was triggered by all the rain they had in that area. the final spell has been cast as potter mania reached its peak at the midnight
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premier of the last harry potter movie. theaters around the country sold out weeks in advance of the eighth and final harry potter movie. costume fans gathered with others who understand what a huge influence the young wizard and friends have been for entire generations. >> harry potter is about being accepted. that's what that entire war is about. >> not all the fans are young either. some parents say the real magic of the seven books and eight movies has been the opportunity to share the boy wizard adventures with their children and grandchildren. progress toward ending that nfl lockout. the league and players are close to a deal and principal to end football's four-month shut down. according to reports, tentative deal on a new rookie pay salary was finished yesterday. that was the biggest remaining
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obstacle. the owners are scheduled to meet next thursday. they may take a ratification vote if a deal is reached. well, round two of the british open is now under way this morning all eyes are on 20- year-old tom lewis. he became the first amateur to lead the british open since 1968. this morning he boggied two of the first six holes in round two. he's given up the top spot he was sharing with thomas buron. family and friends they are not giving hope of finding a missing nursing student alive. what they are planning to do today seven weeks after she disappeared. a unique talk back from astronauts. landmark bill signed by governor brown adds a new chapter to california history. and 880 near the oakland coliseum traffic is looking
5:28 am
good. we will show you your bay area bridges coming up. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
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your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news friday you made it july 15th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30 let's check in with steve on the friday morning. >> thank you. on this friday what is new? we have a big fog bank out there. temperatures are not going anywhere where they haven't been this entire week which means 50s and 60s close to the
5:31 am
coast and bay 70s inland. this is a look at 880 actually this is the east shore freeway traffic of the headlights folks driving toward the mccarthur maze. no delays to speak of. down in the south bay this is 280 near san jose. we are off to a good friday. let's head back to the desk. thank you. fire just hours ago has left two oakland families searching for a place to live this morning. claudine wong is live with the details. including a hard fight to stop the fire from spreading to a second house. claudine. >> reporter: dave, we are on the 1800 block of foothill boulevard. the fire broke out in this victorian. there is a couple things i want to point out. you cannot see a lot of damage from the front of the building. if you take a look down below, you can see a lot of damage from what was left after the firefighters pulled out of the
5:32 am
building. this is a multiunit building. you can see two doors that go to the first and second doors. down below in the front that is another unit. a basement unit of this building. when you talk about the number of people in this building there are three families in this building. everyone was able to get themselves out when this fire broke out. firefighters say it started on the second floor of the building and appears people have been spending the day move into that unit. not sure how it started yet. ed second floor unit is damaged. the first floor unit is also damaged. the bottom unit the families had a shelter in place. >> we had to cut a few holes in the roof and i would guess a few of the rooms on the second floor effected. >> reporter: so this morning the investigation into how the fire started is still under way. but if we come back out here live to the 1800 block of foothill boulevard what i want to show you is how close the buildings are. that was the big concern last
5:33 am
night. when they first got here they were able to see the fire extend from the victorian that was on fire to the building next door. their big concern is it would go from building to building and get much worse. they were able to stop and do exterior damage and again the investigation into all of this is continuing. live here in oakland claudine wong. new this morning oakland police are looking for suspects in two armed robberies. both crimes happened overnight. investigators say a woman was robbed at gunpoint on fifth avenue and a gunman held up two other on 22nd avenue. no one was hurt. still not clear if the two armed robberies are connected. family and friends of michelle le will launch another search today for the missing nursing student. le was last seen seven weeks ago at kizer hospital in hayward. the family has organized several search parties since then. investigators are treating le's
5:34 am
disappearance as a hospital. the reward in the case stands at $100,000. a public funeral service will be held this afternoon for a santa rosa teenager. 14-year-old taka may roe died from alcohol poisoning. police say she had been drinking vodka at a slumber party at her home. the services begin at 2:00. time now 5:33. orlando florida court hearing gets under way in just a couple minutes. zanata gonzalez says casey anthony ruined her reputation by giving police her name. attorneys for gonzalez want to force anthony set for questioning before she is set free. we will let you hear about casey anthony's upcoming release. back here at home police in
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oakland are giving us new information about a burned body found in the rock ridge neighborhood. a man walking down ivanhoe road found the woman's body. she may have been killed some place else then her body set on fire in the rock ridge neighborhood. police have not told us the victim's name. they are contacting her family members first. also police say the man who's body was found near a san jose golf course was not the victim of foul play. a fisherman found the body in coyote creek. they are not sure how this man died but says the body is badly decomposed which will make it hard to identify. the legislation is the first of its kind in the country. starting in 2015 social study classes are l have to -- will have to include curriculum
5:36 am
about lesbian, gay, and bisexual. >> we should know the history of gay's and lesbians. it may help people feel better about them. >> the conservative groups says parents rights are being trampled. intellect today will be a day of troubleshooting after a second computer failure this week. the astronauts were awakened by mission control after going to sleep late afternoon. that's because one of the five main computers stopped working properly. it's similar to a problem they experienced on sunday night when they were forced to use a backup computer for an hour. they say they are in no danger. 5:36. today we will hear from the astronauts on the space shuttle atlantis. ktvu jade hernandez is live at
5:37 am
moffett field where there will be a news conference in less than an hour. >> reporter: we are getting a unique perspective. in fact, the picture you see on the screen is a live picture of one of the ten members aboard the atlantis that is a home- town boy. he was born in redwood city. that man you see right there he considers san carlos his hometown. he graduated from san carlos high and uc borkly. we will get a chance to hear from astronauts again. this is the last space shuttle mission and you are taking that live look right there. as i mentioned we will get a chance to hear from astronauts again. ktvu was only one of the -- which discussed this mission with the astronauts live. one of the reasons is because of rex walheim who is a home- town boy. he will be part of a unique press conference. that is why we are live out
5:38 am
here at moffett field. you will be able to hear from the astronauts about the work they are doing at the international space station. the atlantis will bring home a critical pump which failed last year. part of that will be some of the discussion this morning and also at nasa ames this morning the press conference will start at 6:24. that is less than an hour. we will bring you live pictures from space and that conference when it happens and again we are getting a unique peek into what astronauts are doing this morning. reporting live jade hernandez. all right time now 5:38. want to go back over to tara who is in for sal this morning. what are the problem spots? >> you know yesterday we had a bit of a problem with that sink hole down in the south bay. we talked to the highway patrol they say crews fixed that sink hole. it was completed around 4:00 last night.
5:39 am
so no problems on highway 87 this morning if you use that. right now we are going to take a look at highway 4 that is your bay point. traffic on the bottom portion of your screen westbound a little bit windy out there. no delays to speak of. 880 near the oakland coliseum traffic on the left hand side there southbound as you drive toward hayward no delays. finally on the san mateo bridge we were seeing a little bit of wind earlier this morning. it seems to have calmed down and traffic is flowing well in both directions. 5:39 here is steve. >> thank you. a very happy friday everybody. the weather pattern has two speeds slow and stop. it's not moving much. if you enjoyed this week you will love today and this weekend. if you want warm weather maybe next week. low overcast sunny and breezy to windy at times. not much change on the weekend. fog, sun, breezy. a cool down late sunday into monday. things are held in check due to
5:40 am
an unseasonally strong area of low pressure that has settled in quite nicely. it makes it well inland. temperatures are cool to cold for this time of year. santa rosa checking in at 48 degrees. 52 napa and san rafael. a lot of mid 50s. the delta breeze is in place. fairfield west, southwest 15. west, southwest at the napa airport. what is new? here comes another system that replaced the one that went out. as that system digs in it keeps the same pattern going. it's locked in. until everything changes it's like a big bolder in a stream. the high pressure is in the middle of the country. low pressure on the west coast. it's not budging. low evercast gives way to clearing skies. slowly for some and then breezy to windy. high temperatures inland. or below average.
5:41 am
afternoon highs 62 steven son, 74 napa, 76 san hell helena. 73 los gatos. minute low park in there. 58 daily city. fog, sun cool and breezy. a slight warmup inland. new information about the man accused of stealing a picasso. the surprising discovery inside his home that may get him in even more trouble. more fallout from the phone hacking scandal. one of murdoch's top executive's resigns. this is a look at 237 near milpitas traffic is looking good in the south bay.
5:42 am
i will show you more traffic hot spots coming up.
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5:44 am
good morning, if you are looking for a big warmup on the weekend, it's not going to happen. temperatures are relatively cool. slightly warmer sunday and another cool down monday. welcome become. good morning, to you. here's a look at the top stories we following for you right now at 5:44. oakland fruitvale district will be blanketed with crime cameras. 30 high-definition cameras are being installed there to keep a watchful eye on the trouble spots. two oakland families out of
5:45 am
their homes after a late night fire. the flames ripped through this victorian home that split into several units. firefighters managed to get the flames under control in a couple minutes. at 8:00 this morning president obama has called a news conference. he will give us an update on the debt ceiling negotiations. he told congressional leaders go back and talk to your members and get back to him on the weekend. in two days casey anthony will be a free woman. kathryn calway joins us with a turbulent and emotionally charged weekend. >> reporter: good morning, to you. casey anthony is expected to leave the orange county jail behind me this weekend. her release date is set for sunday. exactly what time she will leave and where she will go is still unknown. this was the scene casey
5:46 am
anthony encountered on august of 2008 when she was bailed out of jail with her daughter caylee still missing a swarm of journalist was waiting to ask this mother some questions. when anthony is allowed to leave on sunday she will likely face a different crowd. >> caylee caylee caylee. >> reporter: earlier this month the 25-year-old was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges. the jury did find her guilty on four counts of lying to investigators. taking into account time served anthony's release date was set for sunday july 17th. >> it's unknown where she is going to land after she leaves from the orange county jail and we don't pick up any security responsibilities again. >> reporter: where will anthony go? will she return to her parent's home? during the trial her attorneys accused her father george anthony of raping casey and helping to cover up caylee's
5:47 am
death. or will she rely on her defense team. >> if she came to you and said she wanted to come to her house for awhile would you allow her? >> i would. >> reporter: anthony will need to keep her lawyer's close. she is being sued for defamation and the texas firm that searched for little caylee is wanting recoop. and there has been a development in the defamation case against casey anthony at a hearing this morning. after a 14-minute side bar the assigned judge to this case judge jose rodriguez announced that he would not be the judge in this case any longer. the civil case will now be assigned a new judge. in orlando i'm kathryn cal la
5:48 am
way. rebecca brooks ran news of the world. that tabloid paper closed after accusations that it hacked phones belonging to murder e royal family. james murdoch is talking about the scandal. he's the son of rupert murdoch. he plans on running apologies in newspapers all across great britain. murdoch is telling the wall street journal the damage is nothing that won't be recovered. murdoch also said and i'm quoting just getting annoyed i will get over it. i'm tired. the man accused of stealing a picasso will be arraigned in court this morning. we're learning that it looks like this is not his first heist.
5:49 am
they found a half a million dollars worth of stolen art work in his new jersey apartment. it includes another picasso reported stolen from a manhattan hotel. tara how is the toll plaza going doing? >> it's doing pretty well. if we take a look here well actually you can see there is a little bit of a backup on the right hand side of your screen. the fast track lanes are moving pretty well. but you are experiencing about five minutes back upright now. this is a little early. so be aware of it as you are making your way into san francisco this morning. 680 at the sunol grade we are seeing little backup on the top right hand part of your screen. and finally at the golden gate bridge i wanted to show you this. it's a pretty shot. we have no delays head into san francisco. here is steve. thank you. very happy friday.
5:50 am
i was putting a graphic together of 40-degree temperatures. mid 40s. petaluma 44. mill valley 46. napa 48. it's cool for some. again, i will have that in seven minutes. high temperatures today. mountain view should with 78 this time of year today is 70. oakland should with 72, 64 the forecasted high. san francisco should be 68, 60 today. fog bank continues to get reenforcement by a big area of low pressure. 48 there is a couple up there already. napa airport is 52. a lot of upper 40s and mill valley a lot of mid 50s here. the west, southwest wind no
5:51 am
change there. one system moves out so that shoots out well guess what another one shoots in to take its place. the weather is very cool. could be a little mist. nothing compared to what we had a couple days ago. it's mainly afternoon highs. well below average for this time of year. r50s en60 -- 50s and 60s coast and bay. but temperatures well below average for this time of year. i really don't see much changes. subtle changes. maybe a slight warmup inland. we should start to see warmer weather away from the coast tuesday and wednesday of next week. 5:51 is the time. good news for barbie. the largest toy maker in the country's earnings rose to $80.5 million. that is better than wall street expected. it credits strong sales of toys
5:52 am
terror pixar cars 2. block buster is hoping to woo customers who are unhappy with netflix after its price increase. they are offering netflix customers a 30-day deal. there is a catch customers have to show a netflix red mailer or e-mail to get that special price. fandango reports the harry potter movie set records before it opened. 93% of all u.s. ticket sales on thursday were for harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. more than 6,000 sold out with sales topping $22 million. >> they are still waiting for you. >> they are a little intense for me. anticipating a traffic
5:53 am
disaster like something out of the movies. plans for a major freeway closure is making drivers shake in their seat belts. plus what is killing off california's beaches like never before and can it be stopped?
5:54 am
5:55 am
california's beaches are
5:56 am
dealing with severe erosion. this may be a sign of things to come. ocean beach in san francisco has been severely eroded. that is according to the american geophysical union. el nino conditions caused monster waves and above average water levels. they also say more strong winters combined with climate changes will probably continue that pattern. the california coastal commission rejected san francisco's emergency repair plan for ocean beach. now the plan called for adding more bolders to keep the grade highway from fall into the sea. however, the coastal commission says the city needs to come up with a long-term solution. if your weekend plans are taking you to southern california, be prepared for gridlock. it's being called carmageddon. starting at midnight the 405 will completely shut down for 53 hours so construction crews can demolish a bridge. it's all to make room for a new
5:57 am
hov lane. half a million drivers use the 405 on a typical july weekend. it could have a ripple effect on nearby freeways. >> most people go through their lives trying to avoid the 405 this is the one weekend we want to tell you you really need to avoid the 405. >> onramp to the 405 will start closing at 7:00 tonight. you and i know. >> we know. >> at any time of day you can hit a lot of traffic. >> i will avoid it. we will pile into your car on the 405. >> now i really need to buy that mini van. probably want to fly down to los angeles if you have plans down there. here in the bay area we have a little bit of a traffic jam at the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lanes are backing up. the metering lights are not on yet. finally 880 traffic is looking
5:58 am
great sol far. coming up on 6:00 anis friday begins there are things looking up for the crew of the space shuttle. what they are doing and what they are saying as they talk to the media later this morning. plus a new plan to spotlight criminals in one oakland neighborhood and chase them out. good morning, low clouds. sun breaks in those clouds.
5:59 am

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